About Us at Hound Interiors

I am an artist, who enjoys rejuvenating ‘old classics’ and household objects that are ingrained into our memories and lives that we may now ignore or simply take for granted. By altering these often unremarkable furnishings I can give them a new perspective bringing them back to life for a new age.

The stools came about due to an obsession with wonderful fabrics, which, over the years were squeezed into every available drawer, under ever bed a bundled lay! Action had to be taken, purely to let more fabric in!

So I enrolled on an upholstery crash course, where it was suggested we found ourselves a small footstool to practice on, this seemed a perfect vehicle to shift some of my fabric. Unintentionally, the footstools are a big hit with young children, who, when at a market/fair are always drawn to them Having to sample each one for comfort in a goldilocks style, even the boys!

The mirrors simply came from a wanting to transfer some of my paintings and designs on to an alternative surface, which could still be appreciated in the home. As is often the case this proved to be trickier than I anticipated, but I did managed to achieve interesting distressed effects.